"Utopia's approach to candidates is refreshingly different from the vast majority of recruitment consultants. Liz's communication throughout was excellent, furthermore providing a pre-interview coaching service which is an invaluable initiative to ensure you are fully prepared for the interview.

Utopia really do offer a personal service that 'goes the extra mile', therefore it's no coincidence that they have either won or been shortlisted for numerous industry awards."

Richard Swift - Sales & Marketing Manager (Candidate, placed by Utopia Resourcing) October 2012

“Liz is an excellent example to the entire recruiting industry...

In these days where the corporate recruitment agencies are ruining the reputation of us all, Liz shines through as a REAL recruiter who focuses on the small details when representing her clients and candidates. To add to that, Liz is not only a recruiter, but the owner of her recruitment agency too. She puts her neck on the line each and every day, and her reputation is everything to her.

Liz is the person to win back your faith in our industry and show you just what a real recruiter can do to help!”

Sean O'Donoghue, Founder, UK Group Chairman, The Independent Recruiting Group



“Liz has a very down to earth, friendly approach and is a fantastic reader of people's skills and the value they can add to an organisation. She has a fantastic outlook on life and is prepared to spend time helping her clients to move their careers in the right direction, not just pushing them in to any old position to earn a fee. She has rare skills in the resourcing world and is thoroughly recommended.”

Richard Starkey, Head of UK Residential, Lend Lease



"Liz has shown me a refreshing approach to resourcing by using a consultative approach to our business resourcing requirements. Liz has introduced me to flexible business consultants that will add growth and impact to our business. 


This is very different to most Recruitment Companies, as Liz works in partnership with her clients looking at the short term and long term business requirements and retention strategy."

Tim Andrews, Managing Director, Hollywood Monster



"Liz has a passion for people and this shows in her work, she initially puts you at ease with her friendly yet professional approach.  Not only does she source the best candidates for her employers she prepares them and fills them with the confidence they need to get through any interview or job seeking situation. With her great people skills it’s no wonder she has so many contacts all over the country.  I recommend Liz to everyone who is seeking work even if it’s just to give them that boost everyone needs to help get them on their way."

Dan Rossiter (Candidate, placed by Utopia Resourcing)



"After working for a great company for almost 7 years, I was suddenly made redundant. After the initial shock, the thought of searching for work and going through interviews seemed very frightening. After searching websites and registering with local staff agencies, I found I began to lose confidence and get disheartened….that was until wonderful Liz stepped in and completely changed my outlook and my life.


Liz is such a genuine, supportive and very understanding person. She gave me a great confidence boost by helping me identify my professional and personal strengths and encouraged me to think positive.  I cannot thank Liz enough for everything she has done for me…..even to the point of putting me on the right path and directing me straight into a brand new role with a wonderful employer."

Lynne Baker (Candidate, placed by Utopia Resourcing)



"Since meeting Liz and working with her in recent months I have come to fully appreciate the skill and talent she brings to her role. Liz is incredibly passionate about what she does and her first priority is to her customers and candidates. Liz fully appreciates the dynamics of the recruitment industry and strives tirelessly to enhance both her reputation and that of the industry that she loves.


Liz has a goal of ensuring all her business relationships, be they candidates or clients, will be conducted professionally, with integrity and passionately. I would have no hesitation in recommending her and consider her to be a shining example of what all recruiters should aspire to be like."

Chris Selby, MD Condita Select & National Co-ordinator IRG



“Liz joined me and my team as an 'expert' working with students from Solihull College at one of our Splash events. The aim of the Splash is to bridge the gap between education and workplace and provide teenagers with the skills and attributes to make a positive difference to local business as employees or entrepreneurs. Liz was instrumental in helping us achieve that aim. She is a fantastic person, highly professional with a broad knowledge of business and equally happy communicating with teenagers or fellow experts. I have no hesitation in endorsing Liz.”

James Lott, Founder & Director, Working Knowledge Group