Ambassadors for Utopia Resourcing

We are very proud of our Ambassadors:- 

I am very pleased to have been asked to become an Ambassador of Utopia Resourcing. Utopia really helped me at a time where I was unsure which direction I wanted to go in my career, they examined the skills I had learned from my previous roles in both retail and business and directed me to a fantastic role at Hollywood Monster that I really enjoy and brings the best out of me. I am very happy to be able to give support back to Utopia after they helped me find my way.


I was recently asked by Utopia to present a spotlight session at the Skills Show, it was a great day. I talked about the transferable skills needed for a successful career and explained what I had learned such as customer service and leadership in retail and teamwork and communication in business and how I use these every day in my role as a project manager. It’s great that Utopia are so passionate about being involved in great events like this and I was proud to have been a part of it.


Mike Clarke – Supply Only Project Manager – Hollywood Monster


The World Skills Show is a fantastic event that celebrates the opportunities available to young people in the UK.  Presenting at the Skills Show as a Spotlight speaker was therefore a huge honour and privilege.  Although nerve-wracking, the experience was completing exhilarating and humbling.

Whilst academia has been an important aspect in my employability journey so far, work experience has been essential in picking up transferable skills along the way.  Thus, the aim of my presentation was to inspire listeners to explore the transferable skills they have gained so far and how to develop them for future employment.

Taking my own advice, this experience has enhanced my ability to self-reflect, analyse my own transferable skills and communicate them to an audience.   Additionally, it has boosted my self-confidence and improved my public speaking and presentation skills.  This will prove extremely beneficial for future speaking and presentation opportunities.  I am already thoroughly looking forward to presenting at next year’s Skills Show. 


I am extremely flattered to be named a Utopia Resourcing ambassador.  I am truly inspired by Liz’s refreshing, honest and passionate approach to work and hope to one day inspire other young people through this opportunity. 


Charli Ball


It is a great honour to be appointed as an ambassador for Utopia Resourcing and I take great pride in this role. I feel this way because my ongoing experiences of working with Liz reinforce and strengthen the respect I have for the company’s values, ethics and the way it operates.


I was thrilled when Liz asked me to be a Spotlight Speaker at the Skills Show 2012, on behalf of Utopia Resourcing. I knew that getting involved would be a unique, challenging and rewarding opportunity. Furthermore, being delegated this role illustrated to me how Utopia Resourcing nurtures its people to grow on a personal and professional level. My journey of preparing and delivering a twenty minute presentation to a large audience empowered me to develop a range of skills to an entirely new level. Most notably, I developed my persuasion skills as it was my goal to influence my audience to really take on board and apply the advice I was giving during my presentation (“Are You Employable?”). Additionally, I feel more confident in my ability to present to a large audience and network, since I met a wide range of people. Undoubtedly, these skills are crucial to my future career.


The entire event was buzzing with an incredibly positive energy and in particular I found Liz’s enthusiasm very infectious!  As a speaker, this really put me at ease and throughout the day I felt incredibly supported by the Utopia Resourcing team. Furthermore, Liz’s strong networking skills created opportunities for the team to meet a range of individuals at the event, which was very exciting. In all, I truly treasure this experience and feel proud to have been a part of something so special and inspiring. To close, I very much look forward to what the Skills Show 2013 will have in store! 


Maria Fafouti